Love to sing, play, teach, or lead Jewish music? Join us at the Hebrew College School of Jewish Music if you're a lay leader, clergy, student, musician or teacher—or just interested in honing your musical skills & expanding your understanding of prayer.

Flexible options

  • Choose a few days, 1 week or multiple weeks
  • Individual classes run for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks
  • Single morning master classes available
  • Courses available for credit or not-for-credit

Sample courses

  • Cantillation (Trope) for High Holidays 
  • Cantillation (Trope) for Haftarah
  • Seminars in Jewish World Music
  • Liturgy and Nusach of the Three Festivals
  • Accompanied Repertoire for High Holidays
  • Teaching Tefilah
  • Drumming, Piano and Guitar Workshops

Expert Faculty:
Learn with accomplished musicians and master teachers.

Sacred Drumming Lesson

Basic Canitillation Class


More information:

Please contact Marcia Spellman with any questionsor visit the School of Jewish Music website.