Accelerate your career in Jewish Education
Read "Taking it to the Next Level: How a Master's in Jewish Education Helped Me Advance My Career"

_MG_8512b.jpg.jpegIf you're a Jewish educator or an aspiring one, finding a position with more responsibility and compensation can be challenging without a graduate credential. And graduate school takes time and money—both of which are often in short supply.  Orna Siegel, Director of Enrollment and Tuition Assistance at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Washington, D.C. has some advice.

Four years ago, I was stuck. I had topped out at my job, unable to grow professionally without a degree in Jewish education. I have always been passionate about Jewish education, and wanted to do more, and to find a way to make a real impact on the field. I saw how my amazing colleagues, who had the education I wanted, would write articles, present at conferences, lead schools and were part of the thoughtful visionary leadership that defines the modern day school movement.